Have you ever noticed how beautifull a blossoming spring meadow can be? I did once and could not get my eyes from it. I remember as if it happened yesterday. I observed, not daring to step on it in case I break this moment of plenitude. Back in my mind I slowly realised that I was looking for something specific… for my luck. Wondering where it is and whether it can ever be found?

A faraway dream of spring, a blossoming meadow, a restless man.

  • Unwind in the midst of a digital meadow
  • Wonder aimlesly in the search for your luck
  • Learn a bit of Latin
  • Uncover over three dozen unique objects and secrets
  • Find your own way of understanding luck


  • Mouse aim - move around
  • Mouse wheel - zoom in/out
  • Left mouse click - select objects


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